Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Yes The Pain of Really FC.

The sad frightening reminder of the really feeling of being completely alone and trapped in a stupid body creeps into my thoughts and emotions like a nightmare of baseballs being thrown at you by bodybuilders. It's painful, bruising and long lasting.

Friends have a use by date. Support workers no matter how awesome will move on. People get busy and the thing is you will be forgotten like yesterday's newspaper stories.

Help with university is a challenge with new people unfamiliar with my version of FC. The real true me doesn't make it to daylight in the awkward tango of two left feet, forging of fragile trust ahead of the battles of another day on campus. Gets frustrating but I'm blessed with people who go the extra miles and think that I am actually pretty clever and witty even though I'm reduced to single word replies and rating scales.

Yes it is a new voyage and I'm about to be a seasoned pirate who faced the choppy seas and conquered.

[Typing time: 25mins]

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