Wednesday, September 1, 2010

For the going and coming

Little by little a dream uncurls like a slinky on a really hot day. But if only things were so easy. It's more like a hammering of a very hard piece of metal or a marathon of a thousand miles, where I only want to finish not to come first place.

I come as quiet sullen young man with an elusive smile and many deep thoughts. Joy is like humming a secret song of hope yes.

Trying your best and failing is no crime, but failing to give someone a chance to try is. I am thankful for those who believe in me even though they haven't seen what I am capable of yet.

How can I explain how frustrating and hopeless and helpless it is when you can't say what you want when you want and experience the aftermath of unalterable presumptions of only a stupid boy that should be pitied.

I hope to challenge such presumptions to a duel to the death, by choosing to push my limits and shock people about what they think autism is.

So, here is my coming and going. Farewell.
The bold one-eyed pirate.