Thursday, April 4, 2013

Greatest worry, defiant arr.

The greatest worry is losing a dream so toiled for and  so really sought after. I am at risk of not being able to continue studying my dream degree because the funding I need will run out next week. my poor tired overstressed parents are  fighting hard for me to find support for me. I am finding it hard to concentrate and throw myself in my studies because it may suddenly end and my slow laborious letter by letter work may count for nothing.

Being able to present in front of health professionals and students with QCIDD (Queensland Centre of Developmental and Intellectual Disability) is exhilarating and I am filled with hope that as I reflect on my journey God has graciously put kind and generous people in my life to help me through and open doors for me. I see myself as a young man with purpose and worth.

I am proud to be a uni student but I fear it wont be the case soon. But I fight again just like I have my whole life once I had the realisation that I am not what people label me as or what they think I am capable of. I think it is too easy to believe you won't make it and that you are only worth as much as what people think.

That is the easy thing to think, but I am bold, one-eyed for cameras and a stubborn plundering pirate who is claiming his right to education, freedom and antidiscrimination. hollering out a triumphant "arrr".

[Typing time: 27 mins]


  1. Keep that tenacity going my friend. Determination, and endurance are sometimes the deciding factors between success and failure.

    Stay strong

    Joshua Turner
    Your friend

  2. Thank you Bold One-eyed Pirate for taking the time to come to dent sch today! Didn't sleep one bit during your presentation.

    Best of luck with your university degree and I do hope the issue with funding has been sorted.


    P.s. Come back to dent sch for a check-up! It should be a good appointment with the pointers you gave us