Friday, March 29, 2013

Seek to understand.

Thinking that some people are awful. I think the greatest weapon against ignorance, bullying and misinformation and general meaness is civilised and witty come backs and facts.

Thank you to those who think these are my own words and thoughts. because if they were not then I am the best puppet who would slave for hours at a time at my iPad typing the most random perspectives and thoughts that belonged to someone else trying to fake the world just for fun. 

It angers and disappoints me that people can be so harsh because they do not understand and make such destructive assumptions. If they actually did more open minded research and investigated the stories of real people who have used facilitated communication as a stepping stone to completely independent no touch communication then maybe for some people the controversy will end.

Thinking that surprisingly enough science cannot always explain things. But it does not mean that that will always be the case. The break between unknown and known is time, understanding and exploration of different methods to capture adequately and explain objectively a new phenomenon. Because the closed minded skeptic was the one who actively opposed the new scientific findings or natural phenomena of social or linguistic or cultural trends and was opposed to develop understanding. 

Soon you'll be thinking that your views are the only right one because the alternatives frighten and challenge you to change your attitude and actions. I think the most challenging debates are around people who are different to you. And the differences could be skin colour determining your value and opportunities in society, your ethnicity and education determining your level of prosperity, your method of communication determining your ability to exist as an actual human being or the type of disability determining your level of funding and acceptance from the general public. 

Disability especially is a touchy topic. If you don't have that type of disability you will not ever fully understand what it is like even if you are a researcher, casual observer, support worker or even a family member. If you had the disability but was raised differently and had different opportunities and challenges then you cannot fully understand either. Why? Because everyone experiences the out-workings of their disability differently. but it does not mean you should not seek to understand. Especially those who communicate differently.  Just like those who signs to communicate or those who struggle to direct their movements purposefully such as those with cerebral palsy to speak or point - can't such acceptance be afforded to those with other neurological and sensory differences? 

Yes I hope your answer will be a yes even when you are in a hurry, in an awkward situation or just plain tired. An understanding soul is hard to find but I hope to be pleasantly surprised and everyone else who is like me yet with their own stories to share.

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  1. Disability is a particularly difficult thing for most people to deal with (probably why it is a touchy subject). For me personally it is often hard to understand, and you are quite right in saying that even if we do understand our knowledge will be incomplete.

    And I admit the friends that I do have who have neurological disabilities/mental illnesses (ASD/Depression/Anxiety etc.) they take a lot of effort to interact with. You have to be paying close attention almost all the time. I have been on a great many occasions thankful that I dont live with them, (because I can go home and rest after we have finished talking) but I always appreciate them as friends

    thank you for your article

    Joshua Turner
    Your friend