Monday, September 26, 2011

Ahoy my fellow shipmates, 

The bold one-eyed pirate finally gets aboard the blogging ship after mingling with some landlubbers onshore. Or if I can be terribly honest, the winds of time and energy have not been blowing my way. 

Just got back from Cairns and has been such an intense experience I am still digesting the fact that I have met many kind faces and got the chance to present as a keynote speaker before 550 people. 

Joy springs in my heart at the memories. For it has been an honour to be seen and heard. I pray that the words spoken will be heard with the mind and the heart. New beginnings beckon fresh hope and optimism. The sails are billowing. 

Get aboard, me hearties. 


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Monday, July 18, 2011

Eating Agony

Yes I know my eating habits are annoying frustrating and can make everybody ignite like matches in anger. I know I am struggling in my hygiene and my ability to not eat like a chubby baby.

Mealtimes are stressful dynamites and countdown timers on bad days. And somewhat enjoyable in company of friends.

Got to hope Dr Gary Deed lives up to expectations in solving my messy body and believe that I do actually understand everything that he will say. Wish me luck.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

From my heart to yours.

I count my days as one numbers the hairs on a hedgehog. You clump the strands together into spiky, soft and in between. Oh and eyelashes count too.

Night melds into a haze of eating battles, Asian tv dramas, youtube and toothpaste, while the day brings something similiar with sunlight and warmth. What is here and now and there and then?

Upset dears approve of silent sullen peace and drowning of yesterday's mishaps and misunderstandings. Ornamental smiles and dreamy Josh slips away behind his autism.

Reality bites and eloquence disappears. My racing thoughts disappear and I am left with this predicament.

I need touch to talk and I need people who can provide that life giving touch that makes the difference between lonely exclusion and vital validation of my existence as a human.

I do think.

I do have a voice.

I am not really that different.

It's just that more of my days are spiky compared to yours.

[Typing time for this entry: 33 minutes]

Monday, June 6, 2011

Frying pans and fattening grease

Hello my dear readers.

It sure has been ages since I have blogged. I am still alive and well just finding it hard to fry some enjoyment on the blogging saucepan and the gas stove of time. I think it just sucks that I can't make my thoughts be served on the table unassisted.

I think it's easier to fit into neat little boxes of assumptions than it is to try and climb out of them only to slip back into them due to the grease of apathy, busyness, impatience and opposition. I think I am just experiencing the aftermath of exhilaration of presenting at Agosci and the normality of the mundane.

Things would be so much better if more people could help me fc, if I could type faster, if I could control my glaringly obvious sensory obsessions, if I could, for just a moment, be in the ballpark of the coveted and elusive "normal".

I consider it all the rant of the night and I am grateful for your company.

From the bold one eyed pirate.