Monday, June 6, 2011

Frying pans and fattening grease

Hello my dear readers.

It sure has been ages since I have blogged. I am still alive and well just finding it hard to fry some enjoyment on the blogging saucepan and the gas stove of time. I think it just sucks that I can't make my thoughts be served on the table unassisted.

I think it's easier to fit into neat little boxes of assumptions than it is to try and climb out of them only to slip back into them due to the grease of apathy, busyness, impatience and opposition. I think I am just experiencing the aftermath of exhilaration of presenting at Agosci and the normality of the mundane.

Things would be so much better if more people could help me fc, if I could type faster, if I could control my glaringly obvious sensory obsessions, if I could, for just a moment, be in the ballpark of the coveted and elusive "normal".

I consider it all the rant of the night and I am grateful for your company.

From the bold one eyed pirate.

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