Saturday, February 20, 2010

where is the kind of day that makes tears go away?

i wonder what it would be like if weird sounds didnt escape from my mouth and my hands stopped flapping and if i could look at people in the eye. its so hard to stop my autism from showing like hiding my toes from my shoes. i think its easy for people to forget that though i have a voice and can fc i am still not normal and like the other guy across the street who can sms and do facebook and other things.

i like the net because no one can see how hard it is for me to type and how my sister is good and giving me support. lately it has been very new and stressful starting in new schools and having new fc partners.

God help me please.

I ate too much tonight. starving myself is a hopeless idea i get into too much trouble and i feel sick anyway. i am very tired.

talk to you later, world.