Sunday, July 3, 2011

From my heart to yours.

I count my days as one numbers the hairs on a hedgehog. You clump the strands together into spiky, soft and in between. Oh and eyelashes count too.

Night melds into a haze of eating battles, Asian tv dramas, youtube and toothpaste, while the day brings something similiar with sunlight and warmth. What is here and now and there and then?

Upset dears approve of silent sullen peace and drowning of yesterday's mishaps and misunderstandings. Ornamental smiles and dreamy Josh slips away behind his autism.

Reality bites and eloquence disappears. My racing thoughts disappear and I am left with this predicament.

I need touch to talk and I need people who can provide that life giving touch that makes the difference between lonely exclusion and vital validation of my existence as a human.

I do think.

I do have a voice.

I am not really that different.

It's just that more of my days are spiky compared to yours.

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1 comment:

  1. Hey Josh;
    I saw you speak today in Brisbane at the conference. I wanted to let you know, you absolutely changed my perspective on many things. You are so amazing and inspiring. I will never forget the things you said to us today and I will be thinking about you when I relate to other people and children I work with.
    You are making a difference and inspiring people! Please keep doing what you do.