Sunday, February 3, 2013

Time to reflect

Think intro. The thinker in a blender of guessing and your daily worry of every thing possibly going wrong and whether you will survive the weight of expectations. I have seated the fight of proving myself to the back of the car and take pleasure in the smaller uncomplicated things in life like maintaining decent moustache, wearing funky clothing and smiley face at funny conversations I overhear. I think it's been a time of discovering that there is a time for everything and taking time to be incognito is not laziness but a wise decision. Just a birthday coming ahead. Some make a big deal out of it saying its a thoughtful celebration of a person becoming an adult or an excuse to party hard and drop good wishes on the ageing person.

Hello josh you are getting older and I hope more good looking too as you hit 21. Maybe time to do some party planning and come out of incognito mode. Prefer coke to beer but willing to be convinced if there is good trade offs.  

In there from griffith it's nearly o week. Pretty excited and keen to exercise flabby brain and experience the campus life bar tipsy nights. Yes I am a proud nerd and strange too but I like being different. Been like that my whole life. 

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