Sunday, December 2, 2012

Is yes about timing and supper?

Thats a funny idea. The idea of waiting. You can wait noisily and angrily or quietly and thoughtfully. You could even find a supper in the late agonising nights a temporary reprieve from waiting. That is the strangest thing about waiting. The frightful dullness and uncertainty of whether you can endure. You can certainly freshly brew some hot chocolate to dutifully escape but you still must return to the waiting room of your mind.

Your freeing thoughts carry you off to distant mirages of independence, acceptance and freedom but suddenly the magic carpet stiffens into an old bath mat and you free fall into the desert of reality. So you trudge along once again and hope someone can walk alongside you in the weary journey.

Some days you discover an oasis and you kneel beside cool waters to drink deeply and then admire the scenery before you and how far you have come. And the friends who helped you endure.

It has been one of those days. QTAC offered the weary pirate his first preference - Bachelor of Journalism at Griffith Uni. Dreams do come true and that is a cliche well used and very true.

Thank you my good and patient friends who have journeyed with the moustached Asian pirate of the Australasian seas. You are my heroes worthy of really very audacious spoiling, happiness and fine beers.

From the bold one-eyed pirate

[Typing time: 39 mins]


  1. That's great news Josh. Who would your ideal first interview be?

  2. Hi Josh,
    Was said hot chocolate made using my suggested recipe?

  3. Hi Gareth I would love to interview Donna Williams a melburnian lady with autism who writes books to give people insight. Keen to learn from her. Hope to write an autobiography one day.

    Cindy, haven't tried your recipe yet. Cafe barista helping me.