Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ditched and raw.

Hi everyone,

If time could be filtered through the sieve of uni, presentations and unexpected changes, I would be left with the luxury of blogging, Facebook and writing. I have been upset and confused by how easily people leave and fragile my true voice is when the very few people I trust move on to bigger and better greater aspirations.

Kind videos of silliness and repetition soothes and numbs the hurt of feeling ditched and fear of disappearing into a ghost that is mute, expressionless and unhuman. Up is the way to go but the journey is hard. Letting in new people is like unbolting a thousand complicated locks on a titanium bullet proof door on my well guarded heart and mind.

I find my head exploding with so much to say but I am only free for too few sweet moments. One liners are often my staple and full expression like what you see now is only an exquisite short lived treat.

I must dash now. Again and again.


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