Sunday, August 8, 2010

the enterprise of happiness.

understand that happiness is relative and that you really dont know how much something means to you until it shows up no more. in writing up this blog i have to use so much more energy and concentration to think and type out each letter. silly word prediction gone haywire. but i persevere. hopefully matt can find someone to fix it.

but first back to happiness topic. happiness for me means typing independence with word prediction, family being nice to each other, finishing a blog and pressing 'publish post', going to church where my friends are and working with people who look beyond my autism and see an intelligent and understanding young man inside a body marred by crabby muscles and short power cuts between my mind and my movements.

the zero is the likes of people who dont believe that these are my own words. i can think for myself and fc is my magical paintbrush that lets me create masterpieces of words and of a young man's attempt to make a mark in the world today.

hope you enjoyed my thoughts for today.

the bold one-eyed pirate

1 comment:

  1. Great blog post Josh.

    I'm so pleased that you are starting to venture more into the enterprise of happiness.

    We do need to talk with someone about that word prediction, I know just the person we can call. I hope it has gone haywire from overuse!