Sunday, August 1, 2010

By the sea.

By the sea.
By the Bold One-Eyed Pirate

Happily strolling allowing myself to marvel at the unending sky and uneven footpath trailing along the side of the sea. I think to myself and this was my funny thought.

What if my every day’s worth of frustrations, loneliness, battles and lack of control and few chances to say how I feel were the norm and everybody else were autistic instead.

I will do everything in my power to break free from my imprisoned body of uncontrolled hand movements and freezed up muscles, but meantime bear with me while I am under construction.

Try to see me as the one with a bright mind in a body of blackouts and short circuits. Both run on separate circuits, which means if I am acting up it's really not a great indicator of my thoughts or feelings. Most of the time anyway.

Thank you my kind readers for finding time to come read my long but important thoughts for today.

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