Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Autistic Kid Strikes Back

I am typing with Adam today with blogger software. I dont like it very much as the words are small. Adam just fixed it. I am happy now. I need to get things off my chest. I being in the middle of a bad fidget sleep need extra support to do the most easy tasks. I need help toileting, the shower and eating. I am the fidget king. I used to freeze all the time. Now I can't stop my body moving. The worst fidget is my left hand. It is the pits. I can't stop it playing with a whole pile of things like buttons, sleeves, threads, draw strings and my food. I want to be a good eater but my left hand ruins everything. I want it cut off sometimes. I will bare it. I am determined to type every week. Adam just challenged me to blog every Wednesday. I am keen  to try. I want more. I am not living to my potential. I need more purpose. I am a great writer and need to express myself forever. I am sleep deprived, food choice deprived and purpose deprived. The workers mean well but can't really help me to make my own decisions. I want to make my own choices. I need more support to help me communicate. Mum is the main problem. Her english is bad. she doesn't understand the workers  and needs a translator. I am not blaming Mum she is incredible, she just cant help me communicate. I want my family together. I need them to get my back on this. I wish Mum and Dad were still together. They are great. I miss Dad a lot. He only visits from time to time. He is getting old and I dont want him to die without me telling him i love him.

Typing time 37 minutes.

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  1. Hi Josh,

    Your sister is a friend of mine and she just sent me a link to your blog. You’re a very gifted writer - keep it up, it’s a gift to the world. Looking forward to reading more :)