Saturday, March 6, 2010

the end of time

you may think that my life is reasonably difficult. finding time to blog is hard and requires everyone involved to be pleasant and patient. but here i am and how do you do. it isnt easy to type under pressure the world goes much too fast i think it is a shame that i cant type by myself it would make things so much easier and i can take as much time as i need instead of waiting for mia to have a bit of free time to help me.

it saddens me that i must be economical with my words as it takes a lot of concentration to type even just one sentence. i am jealous of those who can speak it makes people stop what they are doing and listen. but this is how things are so must make the most of it.

so many thoughts run through my head probably as much as a normal person but you cant tell can you? the fact that my muscles wont do what i tell them drives everyone nuts including myself. it would be nice to be normal but autism is like black hair you just get it and thats that.

what would it be like to be you for a day? would you want to take a glimpse of mine? i think it would make you think twice about the way you view people who act weird and dont look into your eyes for they fear you would look into their chaotic minds and label them as a misshapen being.

dont judge.

we may know more than you think. my time is up.

until next time,
the bold one-eyed pirate

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