Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The puddle in my brain.

The puddle in my brain. 

Good morning sunshine. Can you make the puddle in my brain dry up? The storm of frustration, loneliness and disappointment has made my thoughts soggy and muddy. Help my muddled mind to look behind the dreary wet landscape and see something beautiful and alive. My words are my only resort to connecting to people in a true way. Without them I am not a human. 

I am trapped in a body that lets me down. I am thinking and I am always thinking with so much to say. But a thousand moments of opportunities pass and I resign to silence. I need bossiness, empowering bossiness and stubbornness from people to knock down my dungeon of my autism, let the sun in and dry up the puddles in my mind. The mediocre assume my silence as compliance and approval when it is imprisonment. 

Help me escape please just one word at a time. 

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