Thursday, October 4, 2012

The fundamental greatness of very laborious work

Big goals require sacrifice. To say yes to the pursuit of journalism has meant no to other things. Sadly this has meant the neglect of the blog. Fast moving lives and assignment deadlines meant  forgoing time to reflect, exercise the dreamer side and type for sake of enjoyment. It has been a steep thrilling learning curve starting uni this year and not letting my autism be a bugbear. I am proud to say that I am battling through the head scratching mire of research and essays without asking for extensions. 

My greatest thank you to my tireless ingenious dedicated team who support me. You are my heroes. You enable me to be the bold one eyed pirate, to sail to uncharted waters and fight for freedom of speech (in whatever form) and to defend those who have yet to find their voice.  

I am not alone or a rare anomaly. Fight, my friends and the day will come where people who are voiceless will roar in their styles and will be heard loud and clear.

[typing time: 29min]

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