Sunday, April 8, 2012

The giants and walls.

I know it sure has been a very long time since I have posted anything here. Life gets cluttered with other pressing issues like finishing year twelve, starting university after much frantic hurrying, fighting and persuading. It has been a battle fighting for the support I need to achieve my dream of becoming a journalist and being just a normal uni student in every sense.

It has been a time of tumultuous change and challenges which appeared before my face like giant walls where the only way to destroy them is to chip away at their foundations of disbelief, bureaucracy and maddening stereotypes one brick at a time.

It has been only with the life sustaining friendships and pockets of laughter and silliness could I continue battling the giants of hopelessness and inferiority. We are just one voice of many but although we may not be the loudest, fastest or wittiest we will be the most persistent.

Winds of acrobatic positive change needs to be allowed to blow through the windows of boastfulness of old-fashioned academic elitism and disempowering ideals. I can only let opposition strengthen my resolve to make a stand against insidious cousins of the great assumption of guilty until proven innocent - disempowerment, disbelief and  absurdly biased reporting.

Yes the time has come for us non lip speakers to unite. Here's my personal invitation to you.

The bold one-eyed pirate.

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