Friday, May 14, 2010

For a piece of my mind I will give you a world.

I am finding it hard to be not normal. I think people don't understand that I have feelings too but I am not good at expressing them.

Sadness is a concentrated mass overtaking my soul. I want to fit nicely somehow somewhere but autism is a lonely existence where only the brave venture but cannot remain.

The end of the day I am left to my thoughts and normal still is a night dream. Day goes by and yet reality bites. Different mind difficult needs - my life as an outsider.

Maybe a star studded sky can forward an answer. Yes.


  1. Josh I think normal is probably over-rated (well at least that's what I hear!). Being different is not easy and others often find it difficult to see things through someone else's eyes or even realise that no two people experience the world in the same way. I guess one advantage of being different is that we can help give insights to people without a voice. Of course we can't ever know what life is like for anyone else, but we may be able to give others some clues. You have such a beautifully poetic way with words, I can tell you are going to be someone who is going to change a lot of other people's lives for the better.

  2. Thanks for the post.. insightful.