Monday, September 28, 2009

The Day the Sky went Purple

The Day the Sky went Purple
By the Bold One-Eyed Pirate

Positivity isn’t an easy thing. It takes a lot of effort. I should know that it’s very hard. It’s not easy being autistic. Sometimes it’s so frustrating being in a body that won’t listen to me. I think the worst thing is, is that people don’t understand. It’s not much different to being a paraplegic because you can’t do much either way. It is annoying that people will be more sympathetic to someone in a wheelchair than to a person with autism. It irks me that people don’t treat me as if I can understand. Just because I make funny faces and walk a bit weird people think I’m mental. I also sometimes find it hard to make eye contact. It’s very uncomfortable to do so because it feels like I’m looking into someone’s past and it scares me. People are very complicated things. I wonder if it’s easier to look at their toes than their eyes. At least it’s simpler and might just smell a bit yuck.

What does it mean to be totally reliant on someone? It’s definitely not easy especially when they are so busy. But I don’t get mad like some people with autism do. I’m just grateful that I’ve found my voice, although it does sound a lot like my sister. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not a sissy. I do like pink but pink doesn’t mean I’m a girl. I think it’s silly that people think pink is a girly colour and that boys shouldn’t like pink. Pink is an acquired taste. You need the right shade not something like Barbie pink. That being said, I used to like Barbie when I was little. My sister was the one with the racing cars. Yes, we were quite different. But now I love Formula One racing cars especially the one driven by Michael Schumacher. I hope one day I can see a race for myself. It must be so thrilling!

Everyday I wonder to myself ‘Why am I like this?’ But that’s not always a sensible question to ask. That’s like asking why the sky’s blue or purple or black. I believe God has let me be like this for a reason. I think it’s to inspire people just like me. They must still be trapped. At least I’ve found my way out. That is hope already. The thing is, I don’t get why people get miserable about the silliest of things like missing a party or not having a girlfriend. They should be grateful that they have friends and that one day they’ll get married. I’m glad that I have a very loving family. They always encourage me to dream big and if I work hard, I can achieve anything.

It is great to be me. I can honestly say that. So be thankful for who you are. Don’t complain or whinge. You are more blessed than millions of people already.

So smile a bit more! But I don’t smile much – I’m trying to be cool but my sister says I’m just being weird. Oh well, just being myself. That’s the best place to be. No one’s more good at being you!

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  1. I agree Pirate, everybody needs to be reminded of basic life principles from time to time. A fact of life is that people don't appreciate what they have until they have lost it. There is much wisdom in the common cliches. Patience is a virtue, life is short, count your blessings, eat your vegetables, don't waste food, laughter is the best medicine etc